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Archived Storm Damage Blog Posts

How to Remove Flood Water From Your Plantation Home

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How to Remove Flood Water From Your Plantation Home Did the recent storms bring water into your home? No worries! SERVPRO is on the job!

Extraction Equipment Used to Mitigate Plantation Area Flooding 

We have multiple machines and tools that can help us to contend with flooding that remains a present threat for Plantation homes and businesses. Even with reinforced structures and installed diversion implements, avoiding the effects of flooding can be a challenge for specific areas of the property. Our technicians have experience with addressing multiple facets of flood recovery, including efficient extraction solutions. With each disaster being different, our approach to restoring the damage must change accordingly. 

With many machines capable of removing excess water after flood damage in Plantation homes, it becomes a matter of technician discretion as to which equipment is ideal for the current situation. A common choice for water removal is the submersible pumps. These require electricity to run, and we can supply temporary power solutions to properties in the dark with our portable generators that arrive with our SERVPRO Green Fleet of service vehicles and production trailers. 

With substantial water loss incidents that affect broad areas of the home, our technicians often select to use our rapid and powerful extraction solutions like the truck-mounted pumps. These tools are among the most efficient in our industry and can remove water at a rate of up to 300 psi. Our extractor truck rolls out with the Green Fleet to flooded destinations, making this tool accessible and on-site for our technicians combatting spreading water effects in the house. 

Also, our SERVPRO team has other portable extraction tools and specialized equipment, including our wet-vacs with extraction wands and our weighted extractors to help reduce the oversaturation of carpeted areas. Once our removal of all standing water occurs, our experienced team can get to work on other vital mitigation efforts like drying and cleanup.  

You cannot predict the severity or the likelihood of disasters like flooding taking place, but you do have a choice in the team that you choose to help you get things back to normal. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South professionals can help with premier recovery solutions and equipment designed to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (954) 776-2000.

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Ft. Lauderdale Storm Water Removal, Disinfecting, and Restoration--All Done by SERVPRO

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Ft. Lauderdale Storm Water Removal, Disinfecting, and Restoration--All Done by SERVPRO The Green Fleet from SERVPRO Mitigates Storm Damage in Ft. Lauderdale Properties--and FAST!

Get Flood Damage Restoration for Your Ft. Lauderdale Home

Many homeowners live close to or in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Flooding can occur in homes in such areas. Runoffs may bring contaminants like oil, chemicals, debris, and sewage into your home and cause severe damage, especially if you do not take steps to dry your property quickly.

If there is flood damage in your Ft. Lauderdale home, it is critical to begin the cleanup and dry out process without delay to salvage as many items as possible. A company that is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to offer flood restoration services can be of great help to you. SERVPRO is one such firm, and our technicians offer flood cleanup services using state-of-the-art water removal, drying, and restoration equipment.
Our IICRC certified technicians can use shop vacuums to suck up all the water that’s present in your home. We can rotate the shop vacs around the rooms to reach all the affected areas. The time this step takes varies based on the substrate we are drying, the total amount of water present and the size of a room or rooms. For large quantities of stagnant water, we can deploy our truck-mounted pump or submersible pumps.
Once we remove the standing water, we begin the drying process. We use air movers to circulate airflow throughout the rooms. We can position air movers at specific sections of the walls to ensure that air gets to the most saturated parts of a room. Walls behind cabinets typically take more time to dry because of the several layers of drywall and the back of cabinets. In that case, our technicians can drill holes into the drywall to make it easier for the air to circulate. After we complete the drying process, we repair the holes drilled in the walls. The level of the contaminants also dictates if a controlled demolition is required for any non-salvageable building materials.
Our SERVPRO technicians also use dehumidification equipment to eliminate moisture that could lead to additional damage like mold growth. We use different dehumidifiers depending on the severity of the water damage. For larger residential water restoration jobs, we can use the large-loss electric desiccant dehumidifier which is mounted on a trailer. We also carry an assortment of LGR low grain refrigerant and portable desiccant equipment.
When flood water has entered your home, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South can help you extract it and restore your home to its preloss condition. Contact us at (954) 776-2000 for restoration services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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When Your Fort Lauderdale Property Suffers Damage From A Flood, Our Crew Can Help!

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Your Fort Lauderdale Property Suffers Damage From A Flood, Our Crew Can Help! Our experts want to help you by making it “Like it never even happened.”

Floods And Storms Leave Fort Lauderdale Properties In Need Of Cleaning Crews

During a storm, rain and wind move both water and other things around outside your home, leaving debris from nearby streets, businesses, and other homes in your yard. When this becomes overburdening to homeowners in Fort Lauderdale, they call a professional service like SERVPRO to make things beautiful again.

Instead of doing the work themselves and taking unnecessary risks in cleaning their properties, many decide that a team of flood damage specialists in Fort Lauderdale can save them time and money instead. Because we are a local business, we can also arrive Faster to Any Size Disaster, and get the work done more efficiently than doing it yourself. No project is ever too large or small for us, nor too messy or complicated. Our IICRC training and certification assure you of our team's skills.

When storms pass through our area, the scent left behind often ignores the fact that wind-blown detritus does not belong in your flower beds, nor wrapped around the tender branches of your young saplings. We come prepared with the tools that let us work quickly without damaging any of your property or the landscaping you have worked so hard to maintain.

Exterior structures of your home and other buildings like garages, sheds, or pool houses can also sustain damages during stormy weather. Cleaning and making minor repairs prevent things from becoming worse and gives you an expert eye for possible problems before they become more severe and costly for you. These include gutters, screen doors and windows, siding, and fencing around your property.

Ensuring your Rio Vista, Sailboat Bend, or Davie home continues to provide your family and guests with a safe and secure setting means a lot to us. Call SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South at our 24-hour service line, (954) 776-2000 to hear more about how we can help you restore and maintain things after storms and minor flood damage leave your property a mess. Our experts want to help you by making it “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Fast Response Is Crucial In Restoring Your Flood Damaged Home In Davie To Pre-Damage Condition

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Fast Response Is Crucial In Restoring Your Flood Damaged Home In Davie To Pre-Damage Condition Just reach out to us at (954) 776-2000, and we will make your home look “Like it never even happened.”

Swift Response When Your Home In Davie Floods

When you think of the safety of your home in Davie, you may not think of flooding as a concern. In Florida, we tend to worry more about keeping natural disasters such as hurricanes outside of our home, not focusing on what to do if we are suddenly flooded. In reality, proximity to a canal, backed up sewers or a torrential downpour are all risk factors and knowing what to can make all the difference to the damage you sustain.

If ever your home in Davie sustains flood damage, SERVPRO is your best ally in bringing your home back to its original condition. Our training and expertise help us apply industry best practices to the restoration process, which can cut down the time and expense associated with recovering from this crisis. For example, we review with you the contents of your home and decide on those that need to be relocated to avoid further damage, those that are not salvageable and those that can be salvaged without being moved. Our experts apply a variety of techniques to address the specific need of each surface.

As we move through your property, we make a plan to extract water and quickly begin the drying process. By using air movers, anti-humidifiers and other equipment focused on water evaporation; we can start addressing other needs. Our SERVPRO team pays close attention to any hidden pockets of water that may become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, and we carefully eliminate and disinfect them to prevent further growth. We also address structural issues, like the warping of hardwood floors and removal of carpets. When flood waters come in touch with porous materials such as upholstery and rugs, these are typically removed due to the contaminated nature of the water entering your home. Our team can assist and advice throughout this process, always keeping your health and safety in mind.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is a phone call away when disaster strikes. Well beyond the elimination of water and drying of your property, we are your trusted team in anticipating negative consequences. Just reach out to us at (954) 776-2000, and we will make your home look “Like it never even happened.”

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How Our Team In Fort Lauderdale Will Make Your Flood Damage Disaster “Like it never even happened.”

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Our Team In Fort Lauderdale Will Make Your Flood Damage Disaster “Like it never even happened.” After removing the water, SERVPRO restoration specialists can begin work cleaning and remediating the effects of the contaminated water.

Remediating Flood Damage To Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods

Although much of the water damage to Fort Lauderdale homes comes from failed plumbing, the sudden rush of water from a storm can cause more physical damage. There is also the contamination that floodwater brings into a home which needs quick removal and cleaning.

Fort Lauderdale homes with flood damage need a company that can work both issues. SERVPRO restoration crews train extensively to quickly remove water and eliminate the threat left behind by soil, animal feces, and other contaminants. Because of the increased threat, they start by spraying every surface with an anti-bacterial agent. This action immediately reduces the threat to not just our personnel, but also to the homeowner and anyone else that might need access to the home.

Now, they begin removing the floodwater and any affected property. The first tools our teams use are pumps and extraction wands. Both devices can quickly draw water off floors and out of the home. With the pumps, they direct the water into the nearest sewer opening. If the drains are temporarily blocked, team members pump the contaminated water into a tank truck for delivery to a water treatment plant.

After removing the water, SERVPRO restoration specialists can begin work cleaning and remediating the effects of the contaminated water. Team members use cleaning agents with an anti-bacterial chemical to wash away soil and other matter left by the water. To ensure they get all of it, team members use long-handled squeegees to push the last traces off floors and out the nearest doorway. We cannot, however, 100% guarantee that our efforts can return a carpet to a safe, clean condition. For those caught in a flood, we only recommend disposal.

Flooding also contaminates building material like drywall. If the panels remain intact, technicians can wash them down with a cleaning agent to try and preserve them. If there is any damage, the cost to try and restore them is higher than replacing them. If the homeowner wants to save time, our teams replace every panel the floodwater touched.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is to return your home to its pre-flood condition as quickly as we can safely do it. If you have flood damage now or want to eliminate the threat in the future, call us today at (954) 776-2000. We are here for you.

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How Our Technicians Make Flood Damage In Plantation A Thing Of The Past

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Our Technicians Make Flood Damage In Plantation A Thing Of The Past If you feel that rainfall has been unusually heavy or regular over the past few months, be on the lookout for flash floods.

What Can Cause A Small Storm To Produce Flood Damage In Plantation?

While some storms (such as hurricanes) that cause flood damage in Plantation and surrounding communities can be easy to identify days in advance, many of our calls come from homeowners caught completely off-guard by relatively minor storms that somehow produce enough rainfall to flood their homes. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell whether or not a storm is likely to flood a property, and the best strategy is often to just maintain a constant state of preparedness in anticipation of any potential damages.

Prior Rainfall
Many people know that recent heavy rainfall can cause the soil to become saturated and lead to flood damage in Plantation and other communities, but what they often fail to consider is how much rain has fallen over a more extended period. The rain that regularly falls over several months can eventually become too much for the soil to bear, causing a relatively light individual storm to produce flooding. If you feel that rainfall has been unusually heavy or regular over the past few months, be on the lookout for flash floods.

Wind Patterns
Sometimes, it is not the rain that causes flooding so much as the wind. Strong wind currents can blow streams and bodies of water over their banks, leading to a wave of flooding around the water source. Moderate to strong rainfall coupled with powerful winds can be a devastating combination to your home.

Nearby Structures and Terrain
Any time a plot of land is developed or demolished around your home, or if natural areas experience a significant change, it can have the potential to place your home in a new danger zone for flooding. These changes could be permanent or as short-lived as a few weeks, but regardless of how long they remain in place, you should be wary of possible hazards. Be especially watchful for events such as wildfires or brush clearings that can change the soil composition and packing around your home.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South stands ready on a 24/7 basis to respond to calls for help from people in the local area who suffer at the hands of flood damage. Call our experts at the first sign of trouble at (954) 776-2000.

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A Dangerous Tropical Storm Off the Atlantic Ocean Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Pembroke Pines Home

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Dangerous Tropical Storm Off the Atlantic Ocean Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Pembroke Pines Home The Green Fleet Arrives at a Pembroke Pines Home Fast and Works Faster, The Storm Water Is Already Gone

Property Owners in Pembroke Pines Often Rely Upon SERVPRO for Rapid Water Removal after a Storm

While living in Florida, there is always a small risk of having flood damage in your home at some point. With the number of tropical storms that hit yearly and heavy rains, it is just a part of life. However, it is never something a homeowner wants to deal with, who would?

When a severe storm hits your Pembroke Pines home and causes flood damage inside of your garage, you may consider trying to handle the water yourself. After all, it is only your garage. However, it is best to allow professionals to handle the damage inside. Not only is the structure of your home put at risk of mold damage, but your belongings stored inside of your garage are open to the damage as well.
With the exposure to standing water, your bicycle chains can rust, boxes of old belongings can become waterlogged, and your camping gear can mold. In order to prevent these issues, it is best to hire professionals who can make sure that the moisture in your garage is at an acceptable level.
When you call SERVPRO, we make it a priority to arrive at your residence quickly. We know that remediating the damage as fast as we possibly can is the key to a successful job. In the case of flood damage, it helps to ensure that there are no further complications, such as mold damage or secondary damage caused by the circultion of overly moist air.
SERVPRO can bring advanced trade tools such as portable submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums to your garage to remove the standing water. After the water is gone, we can take any ruined boxes and dry out your belongings inside, such as stored clothing. Afterward, we can repack your belongs into new boxes and restore them. We can also dry out your camping gear and clean the surface of the concrete.
Should you have lost any of your belongings in the flood, SERVPRO can help you create an insurance claim by cataloging your losses; we can provide a CCIS Contents Claim Inventory Service. We strive to make all aspects of this remediation process less stressful for you.
If a tropical storm ever floods your home, do not hesitate to call for help. Dial (954) 776-2000 to get in touch with SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South. Night or Day, our doors are always open, and our phone is always available for your call.

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Responding To Flood Damage At Night In Fort Lauderdale

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Responding To Flood Damage At Night In Fort Lauderdale When flood damage strikes in Fort Lauderdale at night, it can create a very different situation than floods that hit during the day.

Responding To Flood Damage At Night

When flood damage strikes in Fort Lauderdale at night, it can create a very different situation than floods that hit during the day. You may not receive warnings and prior notification of an impending disaster, and even if you do, it may be more difficult to ensure your safety than in more optimal hours. SERVPRO operates at all hours of the day and night to ensure fast and effective service for any disaster, but there are still several things you may need to do differently than place a call to us to weather the flood.

Turn off the Lights
While it may be tempting to keep the lights on when experiencing flood damage in Fort Lauderdale at night, doing so can create a serious electrocution hazard for you and your family. Floodwaters can damage electrical breakers, power lines, and individual fixtures, creating many risks at once. However, you should still have a source of illumination to find your way around the house in the dark: make use of flashlights or even smartphone screens and camera lights to guide the way around the house.

Wake Others Up
Unless you live alone, you should prioritize the safety of those around you and make sure that they understand the situation. Wake up anyone you can by any means necessary and gather them in one place, preferably the most secure or elevated position in your home. Get a head count to make sure you have everyone, and only then should you move on to any additional steps.

Call For Help
SERVPRO responds to emergency damage calls on a 24/7 basis, arriving at your home within hours of the disaster to begin recovery and repair for anything lost in the flood. However, you should also have a list of other emergency services on hand in case things go awry. Be ready to dial the fire department in case of a fire or medical emergency, as a direct call may be faster and easier than going through 911.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South provides emergency damage mitigation and restoration services around the clock to ensure that you are never unprepared for a disaster. Call us at the first time of trouble at (954) 776-2000.

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Flood Damage Indicates the Saturation of Your Ft. Lauderdale Home in Hazardous Category 3 Water

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Indicates the Saturation of Your Ft. Lauderdale Home in Hazardous Category 3 Water At SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South, we are here to help and here to serve.

Dealing with Flood Damage Issues? SERVPRO Has Your Back

Interspersed with bodies of water, Ft. Lauderdale has many different types of recreational activities for families. New construction of roads and business areas change the terrain in many ways, sometimes making new pathways for rainwater to get to those bodies of water.

Unfortunately, sometimes these changes cause the rainwater to fail to reach a lake or river before it causes flood damage to someone's Ft. Lauderdale home. If this happens to your home, SERVPRO can help you by providing services that mitigate the damage and stop preventable damages from becoming an additional nightmare. The IICRC classifies floodwater as Category 3, the worst type possible. Sewage and toilet backups also fall into this same classification, showing the foulness of this water.

SERVPRO's mitigation experts can restore your home so not only does the water disappear, but we also remove the many hidden dangers, as well. Pathogens, organic material, and chemicals that washed into your residence can create odors, also. After our Odor Control Technician (OCT) completes work focused on destroying smells caused by remnant particles, restored homes once again smell "Like it never even happened."

Belongings affected by the flood that you point out to our crew can receive priority care, so we restore these first. Doing so can help your family while dwelling with relatives or other temporary location by providing at least a partial sense of normalcy. Other belongings still receive timely treatment to ensure that they become pathogen-free again and safe for your use.

Removing the water, cleaning your home, and airing things out so mold fails to grow and water damage never develops beyond the initial stages help to save you substantial costs. It also helps assure you that moving back into your home soon after can become a soon-realized event, and help your family fully recover from the disaster.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South can be contacted at (954) 776-2000 whenever you have an emergency involving flood damage. We always answer our phone, 24/7, every day of the year. Please call us, so we can help your family by professionally mitigating the damage and eliminating the risks to your family.

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Flood Damage and Cleanup in Your Fort Lauderdale Home

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage and Cleanup in Your Fort Lauderdale Home Flooding can happen very quickly. When you and your family are safe, it is time to contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Quickly Dries Out Your Flooded Property

While longer days and warmer weather come with Spring, the season also brings conditions such as heavy rains which could increase your risk for a flood in Fort Lauderdale. Spring storms can bring several inches of rain in only a few hours, or they can stall out over one area for several days. These heavy rains can bring severe flooding by overwhelming the ground, overflowing storm drains, or causing rivers to spill out of their banks or levees.
When the rains in your area have caused flooding in your Fort Lauderdale home, you are left with quite a mess on your hands, no matter how much water got inside. Flooding and flood damage completely disrupts your daily life and is something that needs to be attended to right away. Let our SERVPRO staff help you get the water out and dry your residence and possessions so you can return to your normal life.
Even after we are done getting all the water out of your property, our job is not done. Structural items, like subfloors and walls, may require cleaning. We use professional products to make your home look as good, if not better; then it was before the flooding.
SERVPRO staff clean and deodorize any carpeting which was exposed to the floodwaters. We choose a carpet cleaning method which is appropriate for the level of soiling. We look at things such as if the dirt is primarily on the fiber tips or if it is ground down into the fibers, if the carpet fibers are very matted, and if they stiff and sticky. We have various methods of cleaning we use depending on how severe the soiling was. In the case of grey water where we are salvaging the carpet, we use a more aggressive method.
Most of the time, we need to clean other items in your home as well. All contents exposed to water or high humidity need to be evaluated for cleaning needs. Some wood furniture requires cleaning and polishing after exposure to high humidity. We also check clothing, closets, and storage areas for contents that need cleaning and deodorizing. All photographs and wall hangings are also checked for damage from condensation and high humidity. When it comes to electronics, they can require unique drying and cleaning services to restore them, so we recruit the help of other professionals.
SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South wants to make sure your entire home in Pembroke Pines, Davie, or Weston is dry and clean before we say that our job is done. Give us a call at (954) 776-2000 as soon as you need us so we can help you.

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What to do After a Flood Damage to Your Plantation Home?

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What to do After a Flood Damage to Your Plantation Home? If you experience flood damage, the first step is to make sure you and your family are safe.

Steps to Take Before the Professionals Arrive

Whether it is due to a storm or heavy rains, flood damage can wreak havoc on your property. It is essential to have a plan in place to ensure your safety and minimize the damage.

Thankfully, professional restoration experts can help you deal with the aftermath of flood damage to your Plantation home. The IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians have the necessary equipment and technical knowledge to get the situation under control. You can do a few things before the professional help arrives after flood damage to your home.

Ensure Your Safety

Safety comes first. Before you do anything, ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and protected. Flooded areas can have many dangers such as unstable structures, unsure footing, and floating debris. Wait for the help to arrive before trying to clean up the mess by yourself.

Call in the Professionals

Once you are safe, the next thing is to call in the professionals to begin the restoration process. SERVPRO technicians can contact you within an hour after we hear from you and within four hours of your call, our technicians can reach you to start the process. A restoration expert can contact you and arrange for the services. We take pride in the fact that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster!

Assess the Damage, if Possible 

Until the professionals arrive, you can prepare a visual record of the damage caused by the flood. Take many pictures from different angles, if it is possible to take pictures of the damage. It might help you during the insurance negotiations. Make sure that you share your assessment with the restoration experts so that they are aware of the damage.

It can be tempting to start the restoration process before the professionals arrive. However, it is not a particularly great idea. It is much wiser to wait for the technicians to arrive rather than trying to do something on your own.

Call SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South at (954) 776-2000 today to schedule an appointment and a free consultation.  

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Dealing with Dreaded Surprises Created by Hurricane Irma in Fort Lauderdale

10/12/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dealing with Dreaded Surprises Created by Hurricane Irma in Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Irma's Force Gets Cleanup from SERVPRO in Ft. Lauderdale

Hurricane Water Intrusion Leads to Secondary Problems in Homes and Condos

Usually, returning to your winter home in Fort Lauderdale is worth the time spent packing up and winterizing your more northerly residence. Most of the time, the usual preparations made before winter residents travel out of Florida for their summer homes provide enough protection from the fall weather. However, Hurricane Irma slammed into our sunny state with much more force than many expected.
This forcefulness may have left your home filled with water. This moisture can allow mold and mildew, along with many other problems, to destroy your Ft. Lauderdale winter home's interior. SERVPRO is a locally owned and operated service and has the professionally trained personnel you need to stop any current damage from worsening. Our 24-hour services include restoration and cleanup of homes, so they look “Like it never even happened,” even after a hurricane.
What winter residents should look for upon returning South in their home's interiors include visible mold, dank and heavy odors, and saturation that might occur anywhere in the home. Carpets might contain water that stays hidden until someone walks across the room. Mattresses and upholstered furniture easily harbor enough moisture for mold to grow, often rendering these pieces unsafe for future use.
Knowing the difference between saturation from rainwater or flooding helps immensely. With hurricane-force winds, rain can enter through the cracks in or around windows rather rapidly. Boarding up often helps, but these boards can splinter under the stress recently seen, and then, instead of protecting them, shatter the windows.
Flooding can bring in pathogens that threaten health with severe, even deadly illnesses. SERVPRO's technicians receive training in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), and they can quickly determine the presence of pathogenic activity. When a home is protected by barriers, as in the case of boarding up, floodwaters may not carry in larger, tell-tale signs, such as debris. However, the microbes, being tiny, may seem non-existent and unimportant.
Our equipment can pinpoint the level of microbial activity and populations. We then take action to remove these from your home. Infections and illnesses can affect people, but mold and mildew damage a home quickly, making it an unlivable mess. Water extraction done quickly is the key to mitigating physical damage and potential health hazards.
Coming back to a watery home can wreck your peace of mind instead of being the home-away-from-home you expected. SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is always available to take your call, so the damage done by Hurricane Irma is minimized. Call our local number, (954) 776-2000, as soon as you discover that your home is affected by a disaster.

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Detecting and Protecting Yourself From Flood damage in Fort Lauderdale After a storm

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Detecting and Protecting Yourself From Flood damage in Fort Lauderdale After a storm You can count on SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South to take care of your home after flood damage hits.

Protect your Fort Lauderdale Home From Flood Damage

It is during storms that people get to witness the true destructive power of water. When they strike Fort Lauderdale, these natural disasters can cause strong winds, heavy rains, and ultimately, house floods. The results on your property can be devastating, to say the least, depending on the size and intensity of the storm. If the excess water finds its way into the house, it can damage important documents, furniture, upholstery, electrical equipment, and even structural materials.

When the floodwaters recede, trying to pick up the pieces can seem exhausting. Having access to a water damage restoration company in Fort Lauderdale can help ease the cleanup process. This is where SERVPRO comes into play. We have many years of experience offering flood damage cleanup services, as well as highly trained, IICRC-approved technicians ready to return your home to preloss conditions as quickly as possible.

It is hard to predict when a storm is going to occur, and whether it can cause flood damage. When it hits, the first thing you need to do is check for visible structural damage, such as cracks, holes, or warping. If you suspect damage to electric, gas, water, and sewer line, SERVPRO can come in and do the repairs.

The garage is one of the most overlooked places when checking for flooding after a storm. Assessing water damage in this space involves considering elements such as humidity, signs of mold and mildew, condensation droplets on the walls, pipes, and floor, as well as discoloration on certain surfaces and materials.

Most damage from flooding is caused by the impact of fast moving waters. The flood pushes against your home, compromising its structural integrity and in some cases, separating it from its foundation. Floodwaters also penetrate deep into the earth, where they can cause severe damage. They can shift and break load-bearing strata, causing significant foundational damage.

If you confirm the presence of water damage in your home, be sure to contact SERVPRO immediately. In the meantime, check whether the building is safe to stay in and if not, evacuate right away. Keep in mind that flooding can cause other damages such as gas and electrical hazards, which can also compromise your safety.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

For quick flood damage restoration services, you can always count on SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South. We are locally based and pride ourselves as part of your community. Our services are available to all residents of Ft. Lauderdale South, Davie, Plantation, and surrounding areas. For any assistance, call us anytime at (954) 776-2000.

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Save Your Rain-Soaked Carpets from the Curb with Professional Carpet Drying in Fort Lauderdale

7/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Save Your Rain-Soaked Carpets from the Curb with Professional Carpet Drying in Fort Lauderdale SERVPRO Removes Water and Cleans Carpets for Ft. Lauderdale Homeowners

SERVPRO Mitigates Losses to Your Ft. Lauderdale Home's Water Damaged Carpets

Some of our area's storms are stronger than others and have been known to cause structural damage to the exterior that permitted additional damage to occur to the interior of the home. Rainwater entering your home through a slightly opened window might dry quickly, but a skylight that has not been installed correctly or shingles that have been torn away can allow a much larger amount of rain to ruin your carpeting.
Many of Fort Lauderdale's homes are susceptible to damage from rain water when these mishaps occur, resulting in ruined flooring below, but SERVPRO can help by performing professional carpet drying techniques following the guidelines of the IICRC. Carpets that remain fairly uncontaminated from external sources can be salvaged if the restoration process begins soon after the storm is over. SERVPRO is well-known for being Faster To Any Size Disaster, helping reduce the damage that is caused by the combination of the initial incident and a ticking clock. Waiting to respond to any disaster your home experiences only allows the damage to increase, and carpets soaked by rain can be one of the worst disasters a home might have.
Wet carpeting can lead to other kinds of damage. These can include mold growth, structural deficiencies in the underlay, absorption of moisture by more porous materials in the area, seeping of water into lower levels of the home, and warping or bubbling of the carpeting itself. Drying the wet carpeting can prevent these situations from becoming a reality, and save the carpet, also. Replacing carpets and padding can be much more expensive than restoring them. However, waiting any significant length of time can allow the padding underneath the carpeting to become too damaged, requiring it to be replaced.
When carpets have become waterlogged, care should be taken so that walking through the area is done. This can push water down further into the carpet pad, destroying it further. When we arrive, we assess the situation to determine which procedure is best for that home. We first extract as much of the water as possible in a process that is very similar to having the carpets cleaned. This water may seem very dirty, but it is only soil that was already present.
Because some carpeting types can more easily stretch due to their fiber content or the glue that is used for the backing, the rest of the drying process might be completed at our facility. If this is the case, we ensure that all carpet strips and tacks are safely removed from locations where they can cause injury.
Other times, allowing the carpet to dry with the use of air movers while still partially attached is the least intrusive and disruptive method. In the industry, this is known as "floating a carpet." Opting for this approach requires close monitoring of the carpeting to ensure that warping does not take place. For either method, we use dehumidifiers and heaters to ensure that all types of absorbent underlays (wood floors, particle board panels, and the like) are dried fully. After the carpet is completely dry again, sanitizing and deodorizing follows. Carpeting is left like new again.
For disasters involving rain-soaked carpets, call SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South at (954) 776-2000 for carpet drying. Always ready to take your call, we can answer any other questions or concerns you have about how we can save your carpets from being destroyed.

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SERVPRO Helps Save Your Favorite Easy Chair After Flood Damage In Fort Lauderdale

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Helps Save Your Favorite Easy Chair After Flood Damage In Fort Lauderdale SERVPRO Often Cleans Up and Drys Out Fort Lauderdale Flooded Homes

Fort Lauderdale Flooded Furnishings Get Great Restoration from SERVPRO

Last year’s King Tides reminded residents that flooding is a genuine danger in this area. High tides and the resulting floods are a householder’s nightmare as the cleanup can often be time-consuming and costly.
One of the worst parts of dealing with the aftermath of flood damage to your Fort Lauderdale home is the sense that life just is not the same. Handling the effect of flooding on your home and belongings is stressful and makes life feel unstable. Damage to favorite pieces of furniture is a common cause of concern.
SERVPRO experts are on hand to help restore your house and belongings after a flood. That includes taking steps to save your favorite easy chair. The combination of soft upholstery materials with wooden frames makes soft furnishings particularly susceptible to flood damage. Wood warps and becomes misshapen while soft upholstery wicks up water. Quick drying is vital to help prevent mold or mildew growth in the soft material.
The first step after flooding in your home is to put in a call to SERVPRO. While you wait for our IICRC-certified experts to arrive, there is an important step you can take: Move the chair away from the carpet or any other surfaces that are at risk of being stained by bleeding color. Only do this if it is safe for you to do so. Blocking, placement of paper or wood, to eliminate contact with the water, also can help.
Our technicians arrive with all the tools necessary to dry your chair as quickly as possible. We have powerful truck mounted cleaners ready to clean your chair and other furnishings and get rid of any water stains before drying commences. Our equipment uses hot water extraction, and a specialist upholstery tool to deep clean water damaged furniture.
Now your furniture is cleaned it is time to dry it. We start by drying out buttons and zippers to prevent rust. We also place furniture pads around metal buttons and waxed paper between the zipper and the chair cushion. These steps prevent rust transfer, so your upholstery is not stained by it.
Cushions are tented or propped up so air can move more freely around them. SERVPRO technicians can skillfully create a small containment barrier around the affected piece of furniture that hastens drying. Our experts calculate the best position and number of dehumidifiers and air movers for thorough drying of your chair. Air movers direct air under and around chair legs, backs, seats, and cushions to encourage evaporation and drying. Meanwhile, dehumidifiers remove moisture from the surrounding air and promote a drier environment.
If your favorite chair is damaged by flood water, do not give up. Give SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South a call at (954) 776-2000 for help.

Carpet Drying Methods In Fort Lauderdale

2/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Carpet Drying Methods In Fort Lauderdale If water is not removed immediately, your carpet can be ruined.

Carpet Drying Techniques

When it comes to clean-up after one of Florida's tropical storms or some other type of water damage, one of the most important is restoring carpets to their original state. If this is not accomplished soon enough or if it is not done properly, the cost to a homeowner can quickly grow into thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

SERVPRO understands how important carpet drying is to Fort Lauderdale. The faster our technicians correctly do their job, the faster our customers can return to their homes and lives. This is why SERVPRO experts do their best to determine the best method needed. In many cases, this is what we call in-place drying. There are three key advantages to this method.

1) The occupants of the home are much less disrupted. Pulling up carpeting (even temporarily) adds many hours and perhaps even days to the process.

2) The furniture will not need to be removed from the room. A technician can stack it in the middle while removing the water from the edges and working his way inward; moving it to the dried areas as he moves inward.

3) The carpet suffers much less damage when it does not have to be reinstalled, or seams have to be resealed.

In-place drying is not always an option, however. There are a number of situations where it is necessary for us to remove the carpet and even replace the padding underneath in order to restore the home to its pre-damage state.

1) The carpet has been flooded or otherwise exposed to water for longer than 72 hours.

2) Mold or other biological contamination is discovered in the carpet.

3) The pad underneath is made of an organic material such as animal hair or jute (also used in making burlap).

4) The carpet has been installed over hardwood or laminated flooring.

SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale South strives to make sure our customers can return to their normal lives as quickly as possible. We also work hard to do this in as economical a manner as well. If you have or suspect you have water damage to your carpets, call us today at (954) 776-2000.