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Why Fire Cleanup in Fort Lauderdale is Not Just About What You Can See

1/16/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke and Fire Deodorization for Your Ft. Lauderdale Condo, Compliments of SERVPRO

Odors Are Eliminated After a Fire by the Skill of SERVPRO

When we think of fire damage repair, we immediately imagine soot-blackened walls and charred furnishings. We might visualize smoke patterns on the ceiling, and broken window frames left exposed to the elements. All of these things are a common part of fire damage restoration and, at SERVPRO; we handle them all the time.

However, there’s another big part of the process that often gets overlooked – the removal of noxious odors. After a fire, there are all kinds of unpleasant smells left around and they can be harmful to the lungs, eyes, and nose. This is why a reliable fire cleanup in Fort Lauderdale always involves state of the art deodorization techniques.

The Significance of Smell
Odor can be a surprisingly difficult element to eliminate, particularly after a fire, because the burning of manufactured and synthetic items releases chemicals into the air. These partially combusted products mix with acrid, toxic smoke and form a miasma of nasty smells. At SERVPRO, we use industrial deodorization equipment to draw these odors out and make the property safe again. We can also utilize mechanical means of smoke odor mitigation by using hydroxyl generators, or under more difficult circumstances, ozone machines to capture the malodorous smoke particles.

Not many people know that the most powerful way to deodorize a fire damaged property is actually by replicating the behavior of the smoke. In other words, because smoke surrounds objects, in suspended fashion, and then clings to them, technicians use deodorizing ‘bombs’ or ‘fogs’ that mimic these characteristics.

The odor killing chemicals are efficiently dispersed and then the property is thoroughly treated and cleaned to remove all remaining odor producing residues. In cases of severe fire damage, parts of the property may have to be sealed off or demolished and replaced. For example, fire damaged walls are usually painted, rather than fully deodorized because the area is just too broad and non-porous for a ‘fog’ to work.

Odors That Exist in the Mind
Another really interesting aspect of fire cleanup is the management of psychological odors. These occur because the singular nature of the event or crisis creates powerful associations in the mind of the property owner. They know that there has been a fire, so they expect to smell burning and, more often than not, they do – even if no such odor is present.

It is a tricky thing for a fire cleanup teams to tackle, but it is a part of our everyday operations. We put home and business owners at ease by walking them through the deodorization process, so that they feel confident about the results. Then, we discuss some of the responses that people commonly have after experiencing a fire and how this can affect their perceptions.

At SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South, we pride ourselves on always doing what is best for our customers. Dealing with the effects of fire is never easy, but with our help, you can get repairs started, and finished, quickly. We are based in your local area so that we can arrive on site fast. Call us 24/7 at (954) 776-2000.

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