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Important Facts about the Process of Mold Removal In Fort Lauderdale

3/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Is Infesting this Wall in a Ft. Lauderdale Condo

SERVPRO Removes Mold Growth and Sources of Moisture as Part of the Remediation Service

Mold is a scary topic for many homeowners. It is imperative to know and understand factual details about such things. Otherwise, it is too easy to become mired down with things that are not important to your situation.

Fort Lauderdale residents with condos or homes that have mold should know that complete mold removal is not a possibility. Because this organism lives abundantly everywhere, complete mold removal is only a myth. Remediation is the best any industry expert can provide, and SERVPRO knows the latest standards in providing this to you.
Instead of mold removal, control of mold present in the home is what can, in actuality, protect your home from the damaging effects of a mold infestation. Mold exists in each and every home, no matter how clean a home is. Mold is not a large problem until it becomes too prolific and then grows out of control, causing stains, degradation of building elements and belongings, and possible foul odors.
Mold can grow out of control only when the environmental conditions meet its requirements. These requirements include dark areas free of direct sunlight, dampness, a food source, and a location that is free from disturbance by people, pets, and strong air currents. Disturbing mold before it can grow can keep it from spreading, but disturbing it after it has grown larger can be counter-productive, as this allows mold spores to be released and colonize elsewhere in your home.

In addition to mold removal, SERVPRO Professionals also partition off areas that are contaminated with mold so that mold spores are less likely to enter into uncontaminated areas. Mold-infested materials that are removed from your home are always bagged up properly, preventing mold and spores from getting a free ride to other areas of your home. Equipment such as air scrubbers, complete with HEPA-filters, are used to remove any mold spores from the partitioned area before we remove the plastic sheeting. In extreme cases, we can also use negative air pressure to isolate specific areas of your condo.
We use the latest in hygrometers and moisture meters that can show us where moisture is accumulating in your home. We then repair whatever is damaged so that moisture is no longer available for mold to use. We do everything possible to ensure that mold is remediated from your home.
If you have located mold in your home, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South can provide you with much more than just mold removal. We can help protect your home from future problems that are caused by these fungi. Contact us at (954) 776-2000 day or night, and we can answer your questions, schedule an appointment, and give you peace of mind.

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