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Commercial Carpet Drying in Fort Lauderdale Offices

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Water Damaged Commercial Carpeting in Fort Lauderdale

SERVPRO Tries to Quickly Restore Water Damaged Carpets While Allowing the Office Operations to Continue

The goal of restoring the effects of water damage in Fort Lauderdale is to preserve the affected building and its contents. One of our first concerns is the carpet. In a business that may already be struggling, replacing the carpet may be the final expense that closes their doors permanently. Alternatively, it may be part of the fine ambiance of an office that leads to a successful enterprise.

 For commercial carpet drying, Fort Lauderdale business owners need SERVPRO to understand the primary problems with carpets and how to deal with them. Once exposed to water, each one is at risk for latex deterioration and backing separation, also called delamination.
Carpets have primary and secondary backings. Latex is what manufacturers use to attach carpet fibers to the primary backing and the primary to the secondary backing. Unfortunately, latex breaks down immediately after installation. It is a very slow process, however, and most carpets have a fairly long life. Exposure to water breaks down the latex more quickly, causing the fibers and the backings to separate.
Delamination first shows up as bubbles. They form when air finds its way between the two backings. Air bubbles the first form in high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and waiting rooms. There is often water in the bubbles as well. Delamination can also happen because of poor installation. SERVPRO technicians know that the only way to prevent these problems is to carefully draw water out of each carpet and thoroughly dry them.
We begin by pumping out any standing water and then use extraction wands to draw moisture out of the carpets. Technicians use these devices carefully since there is the possibility of aggravating or even causing delamination by using the wands on too high a setting when the latex is wet, and the backings are more vulnerable to separation.
Some buildings use a commercial grade, short-napped carpet that is glued to the subfloor. In these cases, if there is a lot of standing water, we may use a "Rover" which is similar to a riding lawn-mower to vacuum water from the material. We can attempt to "float" the edges by the baseboards to induce a faster rate of evaporation.

After we complete extraction, we set up a series of air movers and axial fans. The air movers force warm, dry air over the carpet surface. We can adjust the angle, intensity, and temperature of each device to ensure the carpet dries quickly but does not cause any secondary damage. The box fans we install at exit points draw cool, damp air from the affected rooms, hallways, and other areas which allows the air movers to work more efficiently.
Returning every business to a dry, safe state is important for our local and state economies. If your business needs our help, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is here to offer assistance. Call (954) 776-2000 today for more information and to set up an appointment.

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