Recent Before & After Photos

Emergency Services Water Damage Cleanup in Ft. Lauderdale

The ceiling in this Ft. Lauderdale Before Photo shows evidence of extensive water damage from a leak in a bathroom ceiling that caused the paint to peel. SERVPR... READ MORE

Cleaning Up This Ft Lauderdale Recreational Center After Water Damage

As you can see in the Before Photo, a burst pipe can cause substantial damage to a commercial structure. This Ft Lauderdale recreation center has a very active ... READ MORE

Horrific Fire in Ft Lauderdale

Improperly stored gasoline and paints in a poorly ventilated garage in Ft Lauderdale can lead to the result shown in the Before Photo. Not a pretty site. And on... READ MORE

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Restores a Plantation Home’s Closet

The Plantation property shown in the Before Photo has extensive mold growth permeating the wall and ceiling near a vent that likely also has spores inside. Whet... READ MORE

Our Trusted Team Helped this Fire-Damaged Ft. Lauderdale Home

Fires can be a devastating force, especially when they affect multiple areas of the house simultaneously. This Ft Lauderdale home experienced a rapidly spreadin... READ MORE

Ft. Lauderdale Water Damaged Commercial Building

Why call SERVPRO for a professional approach to a damaging water event to your commercial building in Ft. Lauderdale? Just look at these two Photos. Complicated... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Davie Garage

Fire damage at this Davie garage was the result of a gas regulator on a hot water heater failing. A fire started, and the hot water heater was burnt and created... READ MORE

A Plantation Water Loss

The Before Photo clearly illustrates the water damage to the ceiling in this Plantation home. A flex line split in the attic and water soaked the drywall panels... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Plantation Commercial Site

The unrented commercial offices in this Plantation building suffered a water leak throughout the attic. The moisture worked down into the ceiling panels and wal... READ MORE

Ft. Lauderdale Home Needs Assistance From SERVPRO Post-Tropical Storm Damage

While Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, tropical storms can deliver water damage in Ft. Lauderdale homes too. The gusting winds from this incident drove rai... READ MORE