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SERVPRO Will Respond With A Sense Of Urgency To Your Plantation Home Restoration Needs

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO Will Respond With A Sense Of Urgency To Your Plantation Home Restoration Needs Failed plumping is one of the causes of water damage in homes. Don't try try and fix it yourself call our trusted professionals today.

SERVPRO - Remediating Water Damage To Plantation Homes

Tucked between the Everglades and I-95, Plantation residents enjoy Florida’s beautiful nature and have quick access to everything else our state has to offer. Homes in our area can meet every need of either a growing or retiring family.

When water damage occurs to Plantation homes, even a small amount, it can quickly cause thousands of dollars in restoration costs. Every homeowner needs to bring in a professional company to stop and remove the water, then dry all affected property. SERVPRO restoration specialists can perform all of these tasks quickly, with the goal of returning a dry, safe home to every owner.

Most water damage issues come from a failed plumbing problem like a split dishwasher line or a broken pipe. Our personnel immediately turn-off the water and can fix minor problems like these. If we discover a major break somewhere, the team leader immediately recommends bringing in a licensed contractor.

With the water flow stopped, SERVPRO specialists next remove the standing water using a combination of pumps and extraction devices. Depending on the amount of water and size of the home, they can often remove it in a day or two.

As they complete removal, other team members place furniture and other items on pallets outside or in the garage, so trapped water can drain and evaporate. Specialists set up fans to increase air circulation and a dehumidifier to draw moisture from the air, so it takes less time to dry them.

For the home itself, carpets are at risk for rot and delamination, separation of the top and bottom layers, if not dried quickly. Once they complete extraction, team members lift the carpet from the floor and remove the soaked pad. These items are far cheaper to replace than to expend labor hours trying to dry them. Next, specialists place an air mover at one end to force warm, dry air under and over the carpet and a box fan at the other end to draw out the damp, cool air in the room of the affected carpet.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is to quickly dry every home affected by a water issue and return it to the owners as swiftly as possible. If your home has had a recent water incident, call us today at (954) 776-2000. We are here for you.

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Why Mold Needs to be Quickly Remediated in Your Davie Home

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Mold Needs to be Quickly Remediated in Your Davie Home This mold resulted from a plumbing leak.

What Makes Mold Hazardous for Your Davie Residence?

There are grand misconceptions about microbial growth that occurs in humid conditions common to Davie homes. The riskiest of these underestimations is the idea that mold growth in your home is not hazardous, and that eventually leaving it alone remedies the problem. As misguided as these ideas are, many homeowners use them as the excuse for not removing mold colonies as they get discovered, or spending the money necessary to get professional remediators like ours to do the removal correctly.

However you view mold remediation, and its necessity for your damaged Davie property, services like this can preserve structural elements of your property and better protect your family against the potential health effects exposure to an active colony can cause. Our SERVPRO applied microbial remediation technicians undergo extensive training to assess risk and effectively remove mold growth from homes using sophisticated and advanced technologies.

Understanding the effect that mold can have on your home is vital to appreciate the need for immediate intervention by trained professionals that get equipped to remove the organism. As mold spores seat onto surfaces, they begin using the organic material as a food source to grow and continue to spread throughout the affected area. The longer a colony remains in a single place, the more erosion and degradation that material experiences.

Our SERVPRO professionals have encountered mold growth in all stages. Early onset of colonization sometimes leaves room for our technicians to remove the organism without tearing out the affected structural element. For more severe cases, controlled demolition would be necessary to eliminate the presence of mold effectively, and neighboring areas and surfaces get sprayed with an antimicrobial solution to prevent further seating and colonization.

While many homeowners might not take mold growth as seriously as they should, the longer it persists, the more damage it does to your home. You can protect unaffected areas of your property by removing the mold as quickly as possible by contacting our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South applied microbial remediation technicians today at (954) 776-2000.

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How SERVPRO Remediates Fire Damage in Plantation

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How SERVPRO Remediates Fire Damage in Plantation Call SERVPRO to remove the smoke and soot damage from a fire.

SERVPRO is Your Advocate After Fire Damage in Plantation

Words cannot express the feeling of devastation you may experience when faced with fire damage to your property. Whether a natural disaster caused it and you are one of many facing the need for recovery, or a fire started and affected only you, the result is the same; it is overwhelming. Your most immediate response needs to be quick and effective to avoid damage from spreading and losses from escalating.

When you experience fire damage in Plantation, SERVPRO is there to respond quickly to your call. We are equipped to be one of the fastest in the industry to respond to your call, and we do this by having a team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, that is not enough. What is most important is that our team is also prepared to apply the latest technology and industry best practices to restore your property and bring it back to normal.

In case of fire damage, our SERVPRO team is often faced with the consequences of the fire itself and with the damage caused by those putting out the fire. There is usually water to contend with, as well as debris that has traveled through your property, along with smoke and soot adhered to much of your walls and the contents of your home. When our Green Fleet arrives, you experience their initial efforts focused on extracting all water remains, drying your property and removing soot as much as possible.  Doing all this while keeping your family and our staff safe is our priority.  

At SERVPRO we are highly trained to undertake a critical next step- deodorizing your home. Our staff is continually being educated in newer products and techniques so they can bring them to you in the case of disaster. Deodorizing after fire damage is extremely important, and we do it according to industry best practices. For example, our team may apply a dry fogging technique to your property. In this process, we disperse solvent-based deodorants by using specialized equipment. The dispersion process allows the solvent to penetrate your home and belongings, which overcomes the odor and eliminates it. Even though it sounds like an straightforward process, it is one that requires many safety precautions and specific steps before the actual fogging.  

Restoration after fire damage is best left to experts such as SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale South. We are not only able to respond to your needs expediently, but we are explicitly trained to restore your property and leave it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (954) 776-2000 and make us part of your team.

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When You Need Water Cleanup Services In Your Davie Home Call The Experts At SERVPRO!

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO When You Need Water Cleanup Services In Your Davie Home Call The Experts At SERVPRO! You can reach our experts anytime you need by dialing (954) 776-2000, and we waste no time in coming to help you.

Water Cleanup For Your Home In Davie

Your refrigerator and ice maker in your Davie home should be inspected regularly to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If it is not maintained well, it can begin to leak, creating a potential for water and mold damage. A water leak can damage the floors and walls of your kitchen, and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Water cleanup services for your Davie home are essential so that you can get back to life as normal. At SERVPRO, we understand the importance of moving quickly on a job like this, so more damage is not created. With our professionally trained team and specialized tools, it is easy to see why SERVPRO is the right choice.

After arriving at your home and assessing the damage, SERVPRO technicians create a drying goal, which is the condition we want to bring about in the areas that were affected by the leak. Once we establish this goal, your structure is dry again. The drying goal includes moisture content readings from unaffected, dry areas of your home and contents. We take readings in percentage for wood materials and points for non-wood materials.

We also need to set moisture content goals by either establishing a drying standard or recording the average equilibrium moisture content. How much moisture is in dry materials in an undamaged area of the structure is the dry standard. We take readings for moisture content from materials which are dry to get this standard. We determine part of our drying goal from these readings.

We can also use normal equilibrium moisture content of materials for our goal. Moisture content readings of dry materials are taken, then we use the readings as our drying goals.

We use a moisture meter to see if the drying goals are being met and then document every time we monitor it. Our technicians compare the readings to see if the item is indeed drying. After we reach the drying goal, the process of drying is complete.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South carefully monitors your home in Plantation, Ft. Lauderdale, or Davie to ensure it is drying back out after a water damage emergency. You can reach our experts anytime you need by dialing (954) 776-2000, and we waste no time in coming to help you.

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Plantation, Mold Damage, Safe Cleanup, and of Course, SERVPRO!

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Plantation, Mold Damage, Safe Cleanup, and of Course, SERVPRO! SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation and Rebuilding to Affected Homes in Plantation

The Benefits of Mold Remediation for Your Plantation Home

When it comes to restoring damages that occur to your Plantation home, these circumstances might not always occur from clear causes. With mold and fungal growth that can occur in area homes, the threat to the structural integrity of the property worsens as the organism spreads. Our rapid response team can help to limit the spread of a mold colony and preserve affected elements when possible to reduce the costs of remediation. How can professional mold removal and subsequent restoration benefit a homeowner?

A common misconception about microbial growth in your Plantation home is that a homeowner can do their own version of mold remediation to resolve it. Do-it-yourself mold removal is often ineffective because traditional cleaning approaches rarely penetrate surfaces deep enough to remove the entire organism. Homeowners most often take off the surface layer of mold growth and believe the situation has gotten resolved.

Our SERVPRO mold remediation team can arrive quickly and begin our process by immediately quarantining the affected areas of the property. Often, we start with physical barriers created with heavy plastic and continue reducing the present active spores in the area through the use of negative air chambers and air scrubbers. These pieces of equipment can help to trap particulates and spores as small as 0.3 microns.

A way that professional remediation can benefit your household is by providing a reduction in the spread of the organism and certified technicians with the expertise to remove present mold colonies from the affected areas. We can also provide effective techniques to purify the air quality with hydroxyl generators to protect our technicians and the occupants of the house from exposure to harmful volatile organic compounds that can get released from spreading colonies.

When you discover mold growing in your home, you want to ensure that the efforts made to remove the colonies are thorough and efficient. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South applied microbial remediation technicians can provide fast mitigation and removal for active mold growth and effective solutions to restore the damage the organism causes. Give us a call today at (954) 776-2000.

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Do Not Let Mold Take Over Your Plantation Property Contact Our Team Of Experts For Help!

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Do Not Let Mold Take Over Your Plantation Property Contact Our Team Of Experts For Help! If a leak has been discovered in your warehouse building in Plantation, you could be dealing with mold growth.

Commercial Mold Remediation For Your Plantation Business

If a leak has been discovered in your warehouse building in Plantation, you could be dealing with mold growth as well, primarily if the leak was undetected at first. If the moisture was sitting for even a day or so, the mold might have had a chance to begin growing. Without professional help to clean it up, the problem only continues.

Commercial mold remediation in Plantation is essential when you discover mold growing in your building. Mold can cause health concerns, so to protect you and your employees, it is essential to have it taken care of right away. A significant reason to dry materials which are water-soaked promptly is to prevent permanent damage from fungi. Mildew, mold, and bacteria are responsible for decomposing organic materials.

SERVPRO technicians follow IICRC standards and guidelines when it comes to handling mold growth. We use work practices to keep the mold from spreading and to keep you and our workers safe. We also record conditions in the building, such as the extent of contamination and the amount of moisture saturation.

To keep mold from spreading to nearby clean areas, we may place negative air machines near where drywall demolition occurs to reduce the how much airborne mold our staff are exposed to and make the mold removal process more efficient.

If the mold has grown above normal levels, the best solution is for us to get rid of the mold contamination. We can accomplish this by removing materials that are affected by growing mold, vacuuming the mold spores into HEPA filters, and by wiping surfaces which are soiled with detergent cleaning products and damp cloths.

Correcting the problem of moisture is the key to dealing with the mold properly. We stop the source of the moisture which initially contributed to the growth of mold. Even the best efforts for cleanup won’t keep the mold from coming back if your building continues to have issues with moisture.

At SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South, we understand that finding mold growth in your business in Plantation, Davie, or Ft. Lauderdale can be a bit overwhelming. However, when you reach out to us at (954) 776-2000, we waste no time in getting to you so we can help make your building safe again.

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We Are The Team To Call If Your Ft. Lauderdale Home Is Taken Over By A Mold Infestation

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO We Are The Team To Call If Your Ft. Lauderdale Home Is Taken Over By A Mold Infestation Finding mold growth in your house can be unnerving and upsetting to many homeowners, but the situation isn't going to go away on its own.

The Spread Of Mold Throughout Your Ft. Lauderdale Home

Some disasters affect your Ft. Lauderdale home all at once, spreading damages evenly throughout entire floors of your house and requiring extensive cleanup and even reconstruction to overcome. Other situations are slower to develop but can ultimately cause the same type of devastation if left unchecked. We have a fast response team that can help you to face situations like mold growth that could potentially threaten your property and those that reside in it.

Mold damages in your Ft. Lauderdale home do not go away on their own if you choose to ignore them, despite what many homeowners tend to believe to the contrary. What a situation like fungal growth requires is the efforts of highly-trained technicians with the experience and advanced equipment to remove the organism entirely rather than only removing the immediate top layer of damage as so many DIY methods do. Our SERVPRO professionals have many approaches to help, and this begins with thwarting the spread of the organism throughout your home.

A reason that our team is a wise choice to help you through this trying time is that we get well-equipped with advanced equipment designed to overcome the presence of mold in your home fast. We have tactics to remove mold growth from materials like drywall and wood framing, but also OSHA-approved antimicrobial solutions that can prevent the spread of mold spores to new surfaces in the affected areas by making this material uninhabitable to the organism.

Our highly trained technicians also have equipment like air scrubbers and negative air chambers that can trap mold spores moving throughout the active environment to prevent them from reaching new surfaces to seat and thrive.

Finding mold growth in your house can be unnerving and upsetting to many homeowners, but the situation isn't going to go away on its own. You need professional help from a team that can do the job right and does it fast. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South rapid response team is available 24/7 with the full measure of resources to remove mold colonies from your home and restore the damages they cause. Give us a call at (954) 776-2000.

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How Our Team In Fort Lauderdale Will Make Your Flood Damage Disaster “Like it never even happened.”

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Our Team In Fort Lauderdale Will Make Your Flood Damage Disaster “Like it never even happened.” After removing the water, SERVPRO restoration specialists can begin work cleaning and remediating the effects of the contaminated water.

Remediating Flood Damage To Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods

Although much of the water damage to Fort Lauderdale homes comes from failed plumbing, the sudden rush of water from a storm can cause more physical damage. There is also the contamination that floodwater brings into a home which needs quick removal and cleaning.

Fort Lauderdale homes with flood damage need a company that can work both issues. SERVPRO restoration crews train extensively to quickly remove water and eliminate the threat left behind by soil, animal feces, and other contaminants. Because of the increased threat, they start by spraying every surface with an anti-bacterial agent. This action immediately reduces the threat to not just our personnel, but also to the homeowner and anyone else that might need access to the home.

Now, they begin removing the floodwater and any affected property. The first tools our teams use are pumps and extraction wands. Both devices can quickly draw water off floors and out of the home. With the pumps, they direct the water into the nearest sewer opening. If the drains are temporarily blocked, team members pump the contaminated water into a tank truck for delivery to a water treatment plant.

After removing the water, SERVPRO restoration specialists can begin work cleaning and remediating the effects of the contaminated water. Team members use cleaning agents with an anti-bacterial chemical to wash away soil and other matter left by the water. To ensure they get all of it, team members use long-handled squeegees to push the last traces off floors and out the nearest doorway. We cannot, however, 100% guarantee that our efforts can return a carpet to a safe, clean condition. For those caught in a flood, we only recommend disposal.

Flooding also contaminates building material like drywall. If the panels remain intact, technicians can wash them down with a cleaning agent to try and preserve them. If there is any damage, the cost to try and restore them is higher than replacing them. If the homeowner wants to save time, our teams replace every panel the floodwater touched.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is to return your home to its pre-flood condition as quickly as we can safely do it. If you have flood damage now or want to eliminate the threat in the future, call us today at (954) 776-2000. We are here for you.

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Proven Tips For Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Remediation

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Proven Tips For Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Remediation Sometimes water damage affects the walls or even ceilings in your home. Contact SERVPRO to figure out the cause and remediate any damage.

Restore vs. Replacement: Water Damage Repairs in Private and Commercial Properties, Fort Lauderdale.

After a burst pipe or flooding issue it is more than likely that your walls, carpets, floors, and ceilings need professional cleaning. That is not to mention your possessions which may be expensive to replace or hold sentimental value and therefore irreplaceable. We are a restoration service that specializes in restoring possessions after damages onsite or by packing them out to an advanced cleaning facility before replacing them after service.

After water damage, repairs to Fort Lauderdale properties can be expensive if you choose the wrong provider. At SERVPRO we work with a restore rather than replace mentality to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied after each service. In some cases, we may use advanced equipment to repair items that you may have thought were beyond repair; this approach is particularly valuable when damages affect items of significant personal worth such as photos.

A SERVPRO technician is likely to have several IICRC certificates in a broad range of restoration criteria. Their training allows them to accurately assess damages and make a decision on methods of cleaning. Certain items may respond better to dry cleaning, such as carpets which can be up to 50% weaker when saturated with water. Floors, ceilings, and walls could benefit from wet cleaning and possessions from immersion cleaning using advanced Esporta washing machines. Whichever approach we decide to take you can trust us to "always do what is right by the customer."

The first step of our service is a visual assessment that teaches us what equipment is needed and the best approach to take. In the long run, conducting an educated visual assessment saves time and expense. SERVPRO has technicians well-versed in removing and repairing sections of drywall as well as reducing the risk of mold growth through application of anti-microbial paints or treatments. Each service finishes with odor control to leave your property feeling like new.

If you need repairs after damages contact SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South at (954) 776-2000 today.

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Why Fort Lauderdale Property Owners Call SERVPRO for Carpet Drying and Cleaning

11/8/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Fort Lauderdale Property Owners Call SERVPRO for Carpet Drying and Cleaning Need Carpet Drying for Your Fort Lauderdale Home? Call the Phone Number on Our Green SERVPRO Van

Drying Carpets In Fort Lauderdale Homes Done Right

Fort Lauderdale homes suffer flooding almost regularly. Despite the incredible weather we have here, the problem is usually a plumbing failure of some type. To clean and dry carpets after a flood or spillage, every homeowner needs to bring in professional service.
So, why SERVPRO? Because when it comes to carpet drying in Fort Lauderdale, we have the tools to take care of every carpet problem you might have after stepping in ankle-deep water in your living room. Whether the water is from a small leak or stormwater from the exterior, we have the answers. Carpets that absorb a large amount of water can have the layers separate in a process called delamination. Fast extraction can prevent this degradation. We detach the edges of the material from the tack boards and slightly roll back the carpet. We then force heated circulation from air movers, and the carpet lifts slightly and floats and ripples. "Floating a Carpet!" This is one method our technicians excel in because of our internal training and adherence to best practices.
The difference in a carpet cleaning service depends on the source of the flooding or puddling. Outside flooding carries contaminants such as soil, fertilizers, animal wastes, and other contaminants. We cannot guarantee a carpet is safe after cleaning, so our team leaders recommend that they remove and dispose of it. This discarding also reduces the chances of secondary water damage since a large volume of water is removed along with the carpet and padding. Rapid water removal and drying of carpets is crucial in preventing mold growth.
If the water comes from a source like a split water line, we consider it to be clean water and our teams can begin restoration work. One of the new tools SERVPRO has in our inventory is the Rover Weighted Rider Extractor. This line of equipment takes the difficulties of using a large extractor (weight and maneuverability) and reverses these issues into advantages. A SERVPRO technician can stand and ride on this wet vacuum, forcing water out of the coverings without causing damage very efficiently.
Before, the weight made moving some extractors very difficult. The design also made using one in corners or around large furniture problematic. The models we use now have improved steering to allow operators to use them almost anywhere. Not only is the weight more evenly distributed, but there is also an adjustable platform that the operator stands on which provides him a better viewpoint for operation and uses the technician's weight as well. It lets us perform the task more evenly, so there are no wet spots when we finish. Our teams may need to remove the carpet pad, but the Rover devices make it easier to lift them away and clean the floor afterward.
For small rooms and closets, our SERVPRO technicians use extraction wands. These devices are easier to use, and team members can adjust the vacuum speed and agitation to remove the water without accidentally pulling apart the carpet layers, causing delamination.
With these tools and our extensive training programs, SERVPRO of Ft Lauderdale South is the best choice for carpet drying and other restoration tasks. If you need our help to restore your home, call us today at (954) 776-2000 to set up an inspection and get started.

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