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SERVPRO Responds to Commercial Water Removal for Plantation Businesses

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Responds to Commercial Water Removal for Plantation Businesses Dirty Laundry? No Problem for SERVPRO to Keep the Plantation Laundromat Open for Cleaning after a Water Flooding

Reach Out to Professional Plantation Water Cleanup Services When a Washer in Your Laundromat Leaks

Owning a building full of washing machines certainly increases the chances of needing the assistance of professional water cleanup services. In the case of your laundromat, one of the water supply lines attached to a washing unit broke and caused water to spill out onto the floor rapidly. By the time that you manage to turn off the water in the building, the nearby floor and the adjacent walls were significantly impacted.

To minimize the damage to your laundromat, call for local Plantation water cleanup services. Addressing the spill yourself would be challenging, and you may end up missing spots of water that you cannot see. Allowing professionals to handle the cleanup job makes room for you to focus on your business and ensuring that foot traffic to the undamaged section of the laundromat remains intact. Why place your patrons in jeopardy with possible slippage, falling, and maybe then even suing?

SERVPRO understands how stressful sudden water damage can be for any business owner. We always go the extra mile to make sure that we arrive at your location as soon as we can. Furthermore, we work whenever you need us to, whether it's three in the morning or three in the afternoon.

Once SERVPRO arrives, we can section off the area that we are remediation. Doing so can ensure that people still feel comfortable using the undamaged portion of your laundromat. From there, our water damage restoration technicians can focus on removing the standing water from your building. We can use equipment such as wet/dry vacuums and extractors to remove the water swiftly.

SERVPRO can search for any remaining pockets of water that might be unseen by using infrared cameras. Furthermore, we can also check the moisture levels with moisture meters. If the levels seem off, we can use devices such as axial fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and drying mats to address any water damage on your property.

Protecting your equipment from water damaging effects of rust or electrical motor failure is a goal we reach for during the mitigation service.

When you need water cleanup services, never hesitate. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South by dialing (954) 776-2000. Night or day, our technicians are available when you need them.

Ft. Lauderdale Shop Owners Often Rely on SERVPRO for Discreet Mold Remediation

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Ft. Lauderdale Shop Owners Often Rely on SERVPRO for Discreet Mold Remediation Mold Remediation for a Ft. Lauderdale Cafe by SERVPRO Saves Your Morning Coffee

How You Can Handle Mold Damage Found in Your Ft. Lauderdale Cafe  

Florida is known for its incredibly hot and humid weather, and that weather can cause mold damage if buildings are not adequately made to withstand the typical conditions of the region. High humidity means that your cafe is continuously exposed to excess moisture in the air. It is essential for buildings to be built correctly, and encourage free airflow, so the humid air cannot linger for too long. Furthermore, keeping the temperature inside of your cafe at a specific point can help ensure that excess moisture cannot cause problems for you, such as mold damage.

In the case of your Ft. Lauderdale cafe, the mold damage was caused by excess moisture lingering inside of the building due to humidity and the lack of a working A/C unit. When something breaks, sometimes you may be tempted to put off repairing it, especially if the repair may be an expensive undertaking. However, it only takes seventy-two hours of exposure to excess moisture for microbial growth to begin.
Always remember, when you find mold damages inside of your establishment, it is essential to call for help immediately. Swiftly calling for a cleanup and restoration company, like SERVPRO, can ensure that the remediation goes much smoother. Mold can cause health effects, and it is against food safety standards to run a cafe that has been infected with it. The quicker the problem is dealt with, the better it is for your foot traffic and your business. A customer leaving a bad review can damage your reputation as a clean establishment, offering a refreshing respite from a long day.
SERVPRO is always available whenever you need a team of our talented technicians. No matter when you find the damage on your property, our doors are open, and a representative is ready to answer the phone. We take arriving at your establishment as quickly as possible very seriously and pride ourselves on our reputation of time-management. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Once SERVPRO gets to your establishment, we can immediately get to work and set up a barrier of plastic sheeting around the mold damage. It is essential to contain the active mold spores throughout remediation, so they do not spread to a different section of your cafe.
From there, our technicians can set up air scrubbers to pull any airborne spores from the air while we work, and to neutralize the musty scent that comes hand-in-hand with mold damage. Using a disinfectant, SERVPRO can remove the mold from the surfaces of your walls. Furthermore, we can use an antifungal agent to ensure that regrowth does not happen and then return your cafe to you in its pre-mold condition.
When mold damage strikes, get help immediately. Reach out to SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South by calling (954) 776-2000. Night or day, we are ready to help.

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Call Our Specialists 24/7 If A Fire Has Damaged Your Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Call Our Specialists 24/7 If A Fire Has Damaged Your Fort Lauderdale Restaurant If you need our services to mitigate damage from a disaster in your business, call us today at (954) 776-2000.

Restoring Commercial Fire Damage In A Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

In the restaurant business, sometimes accidents happen. Commercial fire damage is a common risk that, with diligence and regular maintenance, can be mitigated almost entirely. However, when a grease fire during lunch service covers your kitchen in unsightly soot, it can be overwhelming to consider the amount of cleanup that needs to take place before you re-open your doors.

Fortunately, when you have commercial fire damage in your Fort Lauderdale small business, certified SERVPRO technicians are here to restore your commercial facility to its pre-existing condition while observing all regulations and codes so that you can get back to business as usual without worry.

When our SERVPRO team comes to your business, we can thoroughly wipe down your fixtures to prevent soot corroding your utensils, furniture, and electronics. Our team can clean your fixtures to eliminate future fire risks that you may have been unaware of previously. Grease and proteins burned in fires can leave filmy residues that impart foul odors on surfaces in your kitchen, and untreated soot can corrode surfaces if allowed to go acidic.

Another concern after soot cleanup is the elimination of odor, and SERVPRO has the tools to address commercial kitchen fires in your establishment. Vent systems can be cleaned with a variety of agitation tools including brushes, augers, and air whips, while loose soot and buildup are vacuumed up, which prevents your HVAC system from spreading odor throughout your facility. Deodorization can be accomplished with industrial-grade box fans, HEPA air scrubbers with carbon and potassium permanganate filters, and even sprayers to address odor-causing particles and on charred stainless steel fixtures.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is dedicated to disaster cleanup, whether commercial or residential. If you need our services to mitigate damage from a disaster in your business, call us today at (954) 776-2000.

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Some Options for Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Fort Lauderdale Business

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Some Options for Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Fort Lauderdale Business Patients depend on your clinic for their health needs. Should the business location suffer from water damage, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

Reconstructing Water-Damaged Areas of Your Fort Lauderdale Clinic

When water loss incidents occur in your Fort Lauderdale clinic, you have a finite amount of time to get the right professionals working to recover and restore the resulting damages. With so many patients and personnel depending on the facility, even a small water loss incident could displace many appointments and necessary procedures. Our professionals can help with a 24-hour emergency response. We can be there for you whenever disaster strikes, arriving with the tools and experienced personnel to help.

Water damage repairs in Fort Lauderdale are often necessary when substantial water loss incidents occur in your medical facility. Our SERVPRO professionals can identify the full extent of the damage from the time that we first arrive, detailing and demolition that must occur and the subsequent reconstruction necessary to restore the property successfully. Our crew features experienced, licensed contractors with hands-on experience in commercial construction, giving us a comprehensive approach to water damage recovery for your business.

The priority upon our arrival is noting the source of the water damage and making certain that the appropriate measures have gotten taken to repair this source. With substantial water loss events that require reconstruction, often burst or broken plumbing pipes are to blame. We can identify this point and repair the compromised plumbing if this has not already taken place.

Controlled demolition requires our SERVPRO team to assess each structural element individually for its structural integrity and possibility of restoration. We only remove damaged elements that cannot get restored with our conventional approaches. Once mitigation and demolition complete, our experienced contractors can begin work immediately on restoring these removed materials. With our seamless transition between these two phases, we can get your clinic ready for the final touches of restoration quickly so that your doors do not stay closed a moment longer than necessary.

While you cannot predict when disasters like water loss incidents can strike, you have to have a plan in place to restore these damages to keep your staff and patients safe. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South rapid response team can arrive quickly to the emergency with the experience and equipment to help. Give us a call today at (954) 776-2000.

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Do Not Let Mold Take Over Your Plantation Property Contact Our Team Of Experts For Help!

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Do Not Let Mold Take Over Your Plantation Property Contact Our Team Of Experts For Help! If a leak has been discovered in your warehouse building in Plantation, you could be dealing with mold growth.

Commercial Mold Remediation For Your Plantation Business

If a leak has been discovered in your warehouse building in Plantation, you could be dealing with mold growth as well, primarily if the leak was undetected at first. If the moisture was sitting for even a day or so, the mold might have had a chance to begin growing. Without professional help to clean it up, the problem only continues.

Commercial mold remediation in Plantation is essential when you discover mold growing in your building. Mold can cause health concerns, so to protect you and your employees, it is essential to have it taken care of right away. A significant reason to dry materials which are water-soaked promptly is to prevent permanent damage from fungi. Mildew, mold, and bacteria are responsible for decomposing organic materials.

SERVPRO technicians follow IICRC standards and guidelines when it comes to handling mold growth. We use work practices to keep the mold from spreading and to keep you and our workers safe. We also record conditions in the building, such as the extent of contamination and the amount of moisture saturation.

To keep mold from spreading to nearby clean areas, we may place negative air machines near where drywall demolition occurs to reduce the how much airborne mold our staff are exposed to and make the mold removal process more efficient.

If the mold has grown above normal levels, the best solution is for us to get rid of the mold contamination. We can accomplish this by removing materials that are affected by growing mold, vacuuming the mold spores into HEPA filters, and by wiping surfaces which are soiled with detergent cleaning products and damp cloths.

Correcting the problem of moisture is the key to dealing with the mold properly. We stop the source of the moisture which initially contributed to the growth of mold. Even the best efforts for cleanup won’t keep the mold from coming back if your building continues to have issues with moisture.

At SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South, we understand that finding mold growth in your business in Plantation, Davie, or Ft. Lauderdale can be a bit overwhelming. However, when you reach out to us at (954) 776-2000, we waste no time in getting to you so we can help make your building safe again.

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Fight Black Mold With The Help of Our SERVPRO Heroes

10/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fight Black Mold With The Help of Our SERVPRO Heroes Our team has got your back when your store needs mold remediation services.

Removing Mold From Your Ft. Lauderdale Retail Store

While you might think that Black Friday can leave your Fort Lauderdale retail store in shambles, an actual disaster can cause even more detrimental effects. One of the things that many business owners do not even consider is the threat of mold growth in their retail stores. However, with just a small set of conditions to get met to allow for mold colonization, it is not as unlikely as you might believe.

One of the things that many business owners do not fully understand about mold in their Fort Lauderdale property is the detrimental effects to their investment, the building itself, and the customers and staff who fill it every day – leading to a need for mold remediation. The more you know about the dangers and risks of mold growth in your store, the better prepared you are to call remediation specialists like our SERVPRO team when the time comes.

With the kind of natural disasters that remain a persistent threat to the area throughout the year, flooding is always something that lingers in the mind of shop owners and homeowners throughout the region. Overcoming these effects might seem straightforward, but failure to remove all of the moisture and dampness these disasters leave behind can keep a door open for mold and microbial growth within your building that spreads quickly throughout the affected area.

Since the organism feeds on organic materials, the stock that you have in store itself becomes at risk immediately once a colony has formed. Spores travel far from the initial colony to seat into new materials such as clothing on racks and can erode and degrade these items to the point that they are irreparably damaged. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to help isolate the colony and keep this organism from spreading any farther than it already has while our technicians work to remove it entirely.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While there are plenty of situations that you need to get prepared for when it comes to running a retail store, disasters like mold growth require you to seek the expertise and training of skilled professionals. Our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South mold remediation specialists can help you to remove the active colony and restore the damage that it has caused to your building. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (954) 776-2000.

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Choosing Professional Carpet Drying For Your Fort Lauderdale Business

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Choosing Professional Carpet Drying For Your Fort Lauderdale Business Drying the affected area is critical to prevent mold and mildew growth, not to mention a continual weakening of structural components.

Professional Carpet Drying

Routine maintenance of your Ft. Lauderdale business can sometimes be trying enough, especially when your business sees a lot of foot traffic. Carpets often take the worst of these effects from the high volume of customers or clients, and this is made even worse when you have an emergency that leaves water damages throughout areas of your facility.

While you seek first to repair whatever the source of the water damage was, you also have to think about the most efficient manner for carpet drying in your Ft. Lauderdale business. One of the things that you need to consider when you have oversaturated carpeting is that time is not on your side. Pooling water and damp areas can weaken structural elements and ultimately cause irreparable damages if the situation does not get addressed promptly.

Water damage in the carpets of your business can get addressed in several steps, and these need to happen as quickly as possible to ensure the preservation of the materials. Extraction for oversaturated carpeting and pooling is a process that typically requires a specialized tool known as a weighted extractor. Given the magnetism for fibers in the carpet to hold on to dust, debris, and even the water in this situation, wet-vacs are less effective in these situations. Instead, a ride-on machine forces water to the surface to get extracted by pushing it out with a heavy roller.

Drying the area is critical to prevent mold and mildew growth, not to mention a continual weakening of structural components. If the water damage gets deemed deep enough, drying mats might get used to penetrate into the subflooring and dry the damage. Damage towards the surface can often get resolved with the use of air movers and dehumidifiers.

While this might have given you a more technical approach to the way that we can dry out carpeted areas in your facility, it shows you the level of dedication that our professionals put into a project like this. Given the concerns when areas of your facility are inadequately dried, trust our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South restoration technicians to do what it takes to restore these areas promptly. Give SERVPRO a call anytime at (954) 776-2000.

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Know Who to Call When Water Damage Affects Your Ft. Lauderdale Store

7/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Know Who to Call When Water Damage Affects Your Ft. Lauderdale Store If your retail location suffered from a water damage emergency, that takes priority to remediate. Contact SERVPRO for quick drying action.

Team SERVPRO Follows a Proven Process When Remediating Your Store After Water Damage

As a business owner, you pour everything you have into helping your Ft. Lauderdale retail store succeed. For you, this means long hours in the hopes that your store reaches the levels of notoriety that you had dreamt. Unfortunately, a water incident in your shop can leave you unable to serve the customers of the community, and so taking care of these situations as they happen are of the utmost importance.

While you might not always think about the professional restoration companies that exist throughout the region, it is nice to have a plan in place in case you require fast restoration for water damages in your Ft. Lauderdale store. Our SERVPRO team prides itself on rapidly responding to both commercial and residential emergencies to get the job done quickly and to prevent further damages from occurring.

When our team of professionals arrives at your retail location, we assess where the damage came from and how widespread it actually is. In some scenarios, your business might only require concentrated cleaning and drying efforts to a small portion of the building. Others require more intricate equipment and personnel to bring the affected areas of the shop back to preloss conditions.

Whatever the cause of the damage, preventing it from happening again in the immediate future is a significant step in our overall restoration efforts. This process might require our SERVPRO technicians to replace or repair breaks in the plumbing, or help you to find the appropriate contractor to rebuild damaged areas that allowed for water penetration.

As always, drying the affected areas is the essential component to restoration. This step ensures that further damage does not occur and prevents situations like mold growth from compounding on the already present problem you face.

While you might not ever fully prepare for water damages affecting your business unexpectedly, knowing whom to call in a situation like this can help you to keep your doors open to the community that you serve. You can rely on the rapid response of our SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South water damage restoration technicians. Give us a call 24/7 at (954) 776-2000.

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Commercial Water Damage Can Compromise Food Safety Where Patrons Dine in Ft. Lauderdale

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage Can Compromise Food Safety Where Patrons Dine in Ft. Lauderdale SERVPRO Dries Out Your Favorite Venue in Ft. Lauderdale.

SERVPRO Strives to Cleanup and Restore Your Ft. Lauderdale Business with Minimal Disruptions

Ft. Lauderdale has many different venues for tourists, visitors, and locals to enjoy time with friends and family while being entertained. A majority of these activities seem enhanced when we include food, so many establishments provide a variety of items to guests. Not only does this increase your guests' satisfaction but it also adds considerably to your profits.
Local food regulations require you maintain a clean environment where food storage and preparation takes place in your Ft. Lauderdale venue, but commercial water damage can make this difficult to achieve. Crumbling sections of walls, countertops, and other parts of your kitchen can cause food contamination nightmares. Not only that, but establishments of any kind with water damage also have higher incidences of pest infestations. We work hard to do our part to keep the local food inspectors satisfied with the sanitation in your establishment.
One of the problems with such catastrophes involves social media. Building your reputation in today's business world relies heavily on customer feedback, often on sites under outside control. Once a business receives a negative review, it typically remains on the internet permanently. SERVPRO technicians can help your business thrive by mitigating water damage before these catastrophes happen and diminish your patrons' experience. Positive word-of-mouth advertising can only promote your business, and we aim to help you achieve this and avoid any negativity that water damaged food preparation areas can cause.
We can work discretely and alongside your employees when needed helps you carry out your normal business operations without interruption. This can often happen when you detect water damaged areas before they become too large. Prevention always costs considerably less and requires significantly less time, as well. More extensive damage might require temporary closure of your business, and this can quickly affect profits.
Our employees are skilled in the diverse aspects of mitigation and also in carrying out these steps in the presence of other people, including your patrons. However, we can often finish mitigating an empty building faster and more efficiently, and with less risk of injury to others than we can in an occupied building. Discussing your options in this regard can help you decide how you would like for us to proceed.
At the first sign of water damage in your entertainment venue, contact us, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South, your local experts in disaster mitigation, by calling (954) 776-2000. We can help you keep your patrons happy and safe by avoiding possible contaminants in your food preparation environment through proper and effective mitigation.

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Combating Smoke Damage In Your Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Combating Smoke Damage In Your Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Smoke damage is often solely attributed to the lingering foul odor that is left in the area after the fire has gotten extinguished.

Combating Smoke Damage

After a fire has threatened your Fort Lauderdale restaurant, you might spend a considerable amount of time mulling over the damages and determining the best approach to get your doors back open the hungry public. The trouble with fires is that they often affect your business in a multitude of ways, so just handling a small part of the problem still leaves many other issues that could threaten the safety and quality of the service that you could provide to your customers.

One of the most typical obstacles that business owners face before they can reopen the doors to their Fort Lauderdale restaurant is the need for smoke cleanup. Smoke damages can show up in a few unique ways, and each of these must get addressed before your eatery can welcome your loyal customer base back through the doors. Fortunately, you have SERVPRO and our team of certified fire restoration technicians at your disposal to help the process move quickly and require less out of pocket expense from you.

Smoke damage is often solely attributed to the lingering foul odor that is left in the area after the fire has gotten extinguished. In truth, this symptom is only part of the problem that you face. To combat this nauseating odor that remains in the fabrics and the air of the affected areas after a fire has occurred, our SERVPRO team utilizes thermal foggers with a dense chemical compound intended to counteract the molecules of the noxious scent and leave no discernible smell behind. This process takes care of the overall area, as well as the individual contents of the room such as furniture, fabrics, and textiles.

Vacuums are used to pull soot from surfaces and contents of the room, which is attributed factor of smoke damage to the facility. The approach is to restore the surfaces to their original conditions entirely, but if this is no longer possible, our team works to make them suitable for repainting or resurfacing after the cleaning has commenced.

When you are battling all of the effects of a recent fire in your restaurant, you need to contact the fire restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South immediately. With your profits and customer loyalty hanging in the balance, getting your issues resolved quickly should be a top priority. Give us a call anytime at (954) 776-2000.

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When You Require Complete Water Damage Repairs For Your Ft Lauderdale Bar

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial When You Require Complete Water Damage Repairs For Your Ft Lauderdale Bar Keep Your Bar Open for Ft. Lauderdale Vacationers After Water Damage--Call SERVPRO

Water Removal is a Key Component of SERVPRO Restoration for Your Commercial Establishment

When your business suffers water damage, especially a significant disaster, it can be difficult to determine the most efficient and cost-effective means of moving forward. As with any business, your Ft. Lauderdale bar cannot expect to make any money when you cannot open your doors to the paying customers that want to get inside, so time is of the essence to get the issues resolved and the damaged restored as quickly as possible. Time is money, after all.
While you might be aware that SERVPRO can handle water damage without much trouble, you might not be aware that our team is also able to handle the necessary water damage repairs to your Ft. Lauderdale bar as well. You can have both the means of getting the immediate damage restored as well as fixing structural concerns and problems that prevent you from functioning like you used to before the incident.
It begins with thoroughly assessing the source of the damage that you have experienced in the bar. Typically speaking, even significant water damage comes from one central point, be it a break in the water lines inside of the building, appliance malfunctions, or something of this nature. Initially, this source has to get shut down to allow for the immediate restoration and water removal efforts to begin.
Once the affected areas have gotten restored, our SERVPRO technicians assess the areas in need of structural repair and plumbing repairs to prevent future problems. Material like drywall can get significantly damaged by the presence of pooled water, so portions of this often need to get replaced when you have water emergencies inside of your facility. Fortunately, we partner with the skilled commercial contractor for rebuilding after our water restoration service is complete.  
The same can get said for the plumbing inside of the bar as well. When you have breaks and ruptures that were the cause of this initial water damage, these are areas of your plumbing that have to get replaced and repaired before the restoration efforts can get deemed successful.
As you can see, there are many sides to the SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South restoration team. When you are grappling with water damage to your business and need a quality restoration outfit to get you back on your feet, give our team a call today at (954) 776-2000.

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Commercial Carpet Drying in Fort Lauderdale Offices

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Carpet Drying in Fort Lauderdale Offices SERVPRO Cleans and Restores Water Damaged Commercial Carpeting in Fort Lauderdale

SERVPRO Tries to Quickly Restore Water Damaged Carpets While Allowing the Office Operations to Continue

The goal of restoring the effects of water damage in Fort Lauderdale is to preserve the affected building and its contents. One of our first concerns is the carpet. In a business that may already be struggling, replacing the carpet may be the final expense that closes their doors permanently. Alternatively, it may be part of the fine ambiance of an office that leads to a successful enterprise.

 For commercial carpet drying, Fort Lauderdale business owners need SERVPRO to understand the primary problems with carpets and how to deal with them. Once exposed to water, each one is at risk for latex deterioration and backing separation, also called delamination.
Carpets have primary and secondary backings. Latex is what manufacturers use to attach carpet fibers to the primary backing and the primary to the secondary backing. Unfortunately, latex breaks down immediately after installation. It is a very slow process, however, and most carpets have a fairly long life. Exposure to water breaks down the latex more quickly, causing the fibers and the backings to separate.
Delamination first shows up as bubbles. They form when air finds its way between the two backings. Air bubbles the first form in high traffic areas like entryways, hallways, and waiting rooms. There is often water in the bubbles as well. Delamination can also happen because of poor installation. SERVPRO technicians know that the only way to prevent these problems is to carefully draw water out of each carpet and thoroughly dry them.
We begin by pumping out any standing water and then use extraction wands to draw moisture out of the carpets. Technicians use these devices carefully since there is the possibility of aggravating or even causing delamination by using the wands on too high a setting when the latex is wet, and the backings are more vulnerable to separation.
Some buildings use a commercial grade, short-napped carpet that is glued to the subfloor. In these cases, if there is a lot of standing water, we may use a "Rover" which is similar to a riding lawn-mower to vacuum water from the material. We can attempt to "float" the edges by the baseboards to induce a faster rate of evaporation.

After we complete extraction, we set up a series of air movers and axial fans. The air movers force warm, dry air over the carpet surface. We can adjust the angle, intensity, and temperature of each device to ensure the carpet dries quickly but does not cause any secondary damage. The box fans we install at exit points draw cool, damp air from the affected rooms, hallways, and other areas which allows the air movers to work more efficiently.
Returning every business to a dry, safe state is important for our local and state economies. If your business needs our help, SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South is here to offer assistance. Call (954) 776-2000 today for more information and to set up an appointment.

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Minimize Disruption By In-Place Carpet Drying For Your Fort Lauderdale Business

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Minimize Disruption By In-Place Carpet Drying For Your Fort Lauderdale Business A water event that saturates the carpeting in a furniture store setting poses a threat of causing major damage.

Carpet Drying For Your Business

A water event that saturates the carpeting in a commercial setting poses a question for the Fort Lauderdale business owner. Removing carpeting and padding for drying off-site may close your location down twice, once for the pullout, and a second time to reinstall. Finding a carpet drying firm that offers in-place drying limits downtime if done skillfully.

In-place carpet drying for your Fort Lauderdale furniture store is feasible as the water soaking the area is clean, from supply pipe break and the carpet laid over a concrete subfloor. The display furnishings need not all be removed from the showroom, simply repositioned as our team works through the room. The project manager carefully weighs the pros and cons and suggests the in-place method, confident our trained technicians and specialized equipment are up to the task.

No cutting of carpet or unraveling of seams is necessary when the in-place method wins. SERVPRO work crews receive advanced education in the methodology of this strategy, including the order of very specific steps. Extraction of the water is the initial job, and must be done aggressively, as the process only works if the majority of the water is removed from both carpet and padding before moving on to drying technologies.

Weighted extractors use both suction and pressure to move the moisture out of the fibers. The center of the area is treated first, followed by the perimeter. If water is migrating to dry areas during the extraction, the SERVPRO crew members focus on 10-foot square sections at a time, using a wand before the weighted extractor to limit the migration.

The carpet may appear dry, but if the padding still holds significant water, it continuously wicks into the carpeting. Expect the SERVPRO team to inspect the progress made periodically, checking the padding in accessible areas for water load and resuming extraction over a previously completed area until the pad holds no water.

Extraction in-place seems more time consuming, but it is still much less disruptive and takes less time overall than a tear out and replacement. Once areas of the carpeting and underlying padding approach the moisture level desired, SERVPRO workers position air movers and industrial strength, specialized dehumidifiers to move moisture from the carpet fibers to the air. The movement of the air and action of the dehumidifiers cause the ambient humidity to reduce as the water-laden air plays across the coils and condenses within the dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South has the experienced and trained technicians and specialized equipment to dry even large areas of wet carpeting in-place. Call (954) 776-2000 as soon as possible after a water event to schedule an evaluation and move quickly to dry out your business’s carpeting.

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Clogged Drains Go From Congested To Catastrophic In Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Clogged Drains Go From Congested To Catastrophic In Fort Lauderdale Restaurants SERVPRO recognizes the importance of being proactive, while also ready to react and restore if water damage happens in your restaurant.

Water Damage Caused By Clogged Drains

It comes as no surprise that a well-maintained restaurant kitchen has as part of the plan routine clearing of the sinks and drains. It also is typical that this type of maintenance can be overlooked, resulting in a very inconvenient outcome for the business owner, employees, and customers. SERVPRO recognizes the importance of being proactive, while also ready to react and restore if the worst happens.

During the dinner rush, a slow-draining pipe clogged completely, causing water damage needing immediate repairs at your Fort Lauderdale seafood restaurant. Water, food debris, and sewage discharged in the kitchen, halting food service for the night. A crisis like this is when your business needs our swift and focused assistance.

When this kind of damage and need for repairs presents, you deserve a steadfast and professional partner during the restoration. We offer speedy service, delivering results within hours of our team arriving on your premises. Increase the likelihood of reopening soon by working with us ahead of time. We may not predict what catastrophic event befalls your eatery, but our SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) gives you the opportunity to devise a repair and restoration blueprint with us long before a problem happens.

One of our experienced project managers assesses your physical layout, talking with you to understand the way your restaurant operates and what your priorities are should there be a water damage challenge. Key information like the location of shut offs and the chain of command among your staff if you are unavailable allow us to spring into action right away. A mobile app walks you through a series of questions that further informs our crews. You and our SERVPRO representative complete the ERP and then you or your designated employees have the ability to activate the plan based upon the profile from a mobile device.

We then mobilize, arriving at your restaurant with a clear vision of the steps needed to abate and repair the water damage. Industrial strength water extraction and proper understanding of local contaminated water disposal procedures set the stage for cleanup and drying strategies. Repairs of the water damage affecting flooring, walls, furniture, and appliances then begin, always with the aim of limiting sharply any time the restaurant needs to be closed.

Call (954) 776-2000 to set up an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan with SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South.

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Can Professional Water Removal in Fort Lauderdale Rescue a Flooded Squash Court?

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Can Professional Water Removal in Fort Lauderdale Rescue a Flooded Squash Court? Removing water from your squash courts quickly can improve the chances that they will not have to be replaced. Call SERVPRO to start the process.

SERVPRO's Quick Response Greatly Contributes to a Successful Outcome

It is a scene that no building supervisor wants to see first thing on a weekday morning. You come back from a weekend rest, open up the sports center, and discover that a burst pipe has covered the floors in water. The usually shiny, pristine squash courts are submerged, and you need to take urgent action to prevent irreparable damage.

When it comes to basic commercial water removal in Fort Lauderdale sports centers, the process is relatively simple. SERVPRO extracts as much standing liquid as possible with a pump machine. The process is fast and efficient. However, things get trickier when we start working out how to remove surface water and absorbed moisture.

The Value of a Fast Response

With wood, a quick response is critical. According to the USDA, a standard 2 ¼ inch floorboard expands 1 1/28th of an inch for every one percent change in moisture. If it does not seem like a lot, know that a 150-foot squash court is likely to expand by around 25 inches. Most floors cannot withstand this degree of swelling and start to warp and buckle. So, call SERVPRO for help immediately.

The Resilience of the Floor

The likelihood of a full restoration depends on the type of squash court. Plywood, for example, is particularly vulnerable. Once it begins to expand, it is very difficult to rescue. If it gets wet, it delaminates and the sublayers separate. The most resilient courts feature floating boards. They can only expand sideways, and there is an expansion gap built for the purpose.

The History of the Floor

SERVPRO also considers the history of the squash court when putting together a water removal plan. For instance, the number of times it is coated, and re-finished has an impact on repairs. It is good news for sports centers and indoor courts because they are periodically re-coated to help them withstand heavy foot traffic. The more finishes it has had, the harder it is for water to penetrate the wood.

SERVPRO of Fort Lauderdale South is a local water damage removal and repair service. You can find us in the Fort Lauderdale area, and we promise a fast response for all flooded businesses. Call us 24/7 at (954) 776-2000 to learn more about how we bring hardwood floors back to life.

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Commercial Water Damage in a Fort Lauderdale Fabric Store

2/28/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage in a Fort Lauderdale Fabric Store Don't Leave Wet Clothes Hanging Around in Your Ft. Lauderdale Fabric Store, Call SERVPRO

To Most Businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Fast Water Removal is Crucial

Fabric stores and dress shops are very vulnerable to damage of many types. Even just a few drops of water from a broken or misdirected sprinkler head can ruin a silk dress or cause the color in an entire bolt of cloth to run and ruin any pattern. It is always not enough to set up a big fan or move dress racks to the outside and out of standing water.

Commercial water damage to a Fort Lauderdale business can mean a weekend closure or closing its doors forever. The cleanest water still has some contaminants in it; i.e. a ruptured water heater always has rust at the bottom. If the water has backed into a business from a sewer line, the situation is even worse. SERVPRO has the experience and stock of cleaners and sanitizers to ensure that we can restore almost anything.

Basic cleaning agents take care of items that have been splattered or soaked in most cases. Fabrics are more sensitive than other property due to the dyes they contain. If the water comes from an activated fire suppression system, there is likely smoke or soot residues attached as well. Technicians are trained to examine the area of contamination and determine the best course of action. Our extensive inventory of cleaning agents lets us take care of nearly every type of mold or soil that finds its way into the water.

Cleaning the affected property may not be enough. If the dirt or other contaminant is from a sewer or septic system, fabrics and clothing require disinfection and sanitizing, and quite often, discarding. Our disinfectants (chlorines, phenols, and alcohols) kill over 90 percent of the organisms found in even the dirtiest water and are easily mixed with water to create the strength needed without ruining fabrics. Typically, these fabrics are not salvageable.

Our sanitizers are exceptional in destroying even heavy mold infestation. They are not good to use on fabrics but are perfect for getting rid of mold from display racks, storage shelves, hangers and countertops where fabrics and clothing are laid out for the customer.

Restoring your business after a disaster can be an extensive process. SERVPRO of Ft. Lauderdale South understands that even just a few days closed can ruin a business and we do our best to help you reopen the moment it is safe to do so. If you need us, call today at (954) 776-2000. We are here to help.